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Connecticut Alcohol Education Program

The Alcohol Education Program (AEP) is offered to persons arrested for DUI. You are not eligible for this program if you previously had had this program within the last ten years, or have had a conviction for Manslaughter with a MV, Assault 2 with a MV, or have had a conviction or program in any other state.

Alcohol EducationThis program consists of attending alcohol education classes. A program evaluator determines the number of classes. You will be required to get an evaluation prior to being granted the program to determine if you attend 10 or 15 weeks of classes. These classes meet once a week for one and one half (1-1/2) hours. You will be required to cooperated with the program and attend all classes. If you successfully complete the program the charge of DUI will be dismissed and there will be no conviction on your record. Failure to cooperate with the program will result in your case being returned to court for further prosecution and possible conviction for DUI which could include incarceration.

The fee for the alcohol education program is determined by the program evaluation. The initial fee is $150.00 for the evaluation. If your evaluation determines 10 classes the total fee is $475.00 ($150.00 for the application / evaluation and $325.00 for the program) and if the evaluation determines 15 classes the fee is $650.00 ($150.00 for the application/evaluation and $500.00 for the program.

Also, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has its own administrative penalties for motor vehicle charges such as license suspension in regards to arrests and convictions of DUI. If your license was suspended by the DMV due to a DWI arrest and you are granted the AEP program, your entry into the program can be delayed until your license is restored by the DMV.

NOTE: If granted the program it is your responsibility to take the classes and complete them. Your failure to do so with land you back in Court to face the original charges as a first offender, which carries the penalty of jail, fine, court costs, probation and loss of license for one year.

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